The MOST beautiful sight in Thailand…

I know that EVIL is very present IN Thailand… and that innocent little girls AND boys are victims of such EVIL things.. BUT… I got to SEE GOD at work in the restoration of a few of these children…

We got to visit Thrive Rescue Home… and seeing the JOY in these kids eyes was a real BLESSING! They were children… playing and showing us what they are learning – getting to BE kids… EVERYDAY! WOW! It was truly a BEAUTIFUL sight!!!

They even did a “show” for us as they performed to worship songs… it brought tears to my eyes! Tears of real JOY – knowing that they are so LOVED and VALUED!!  Jenifer and Jeremy Kraus are getting to LOVE on these children – and helping to RESTORE their hearts to Jesus!! What a true BLESSING! I thank GOD for their ministry…   as you can see in this pic below… only their feet… but you can see that they are JUST children… that have been RESCUED out of the sex slave industry!!! PRAISE GOD!


Here they are as they perform… aren’t they so CUTE????!!!!







AND even having desires to PLAY the guitar…



Thrive Rescue Home is getting ready to open a second home… I am – once again – PRAISING GOD!! They have 4 young children on the wait list…  know it will FILL fast too – that is the SAD part… that there is such a BIG need for these homes!!

While we were there we did see beautiful sunsets… lush green hills… we even did a few touristy things… (I will post more pix on those later)…   BUT this place was the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE we visited!

Job 5 verses 8 and 16…

As for me, I would seek God,
    and to God would I commit my cause…

So the poor have hope,
    and injustice shuts her mouth.

Oh LORD… I thank YOU for the hearts of Jeremy and Jenifer… I ask that you will BLESS their ministry beyond their dreams! Give them rest when they need it… protect their hearts as they see EVIL every day – let them keep their focus on WHY you have them there! USE THEM for Your GLORY!  I ask the same for all those working in the ministry with them… keep them safe…    HELP me to always remember this – seeing YOU work in the midst of EVIL – CAN BE DONE! Only thru YOU can true restoration take place! AMEN! I LOVE YOU!

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