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First Day of CLASS…Thailand Justice-9426

Thailand Justice-9618

I don’t even know where to begin… so I will START with the reason we went TO Thailand. The Justice School. WOW! 21 beautiful young students came to Thailand to experience… learn… and strive to be “Freedom Fighters”.

We were not there very long… a few SHORT days… and I am changed because of these young people! I fell in LOVE with each one of them! As I heard their stories… they made an impact on my heart – and I am just so excited to see where GOD uses each one of them for HIS glory!

This ALL came into being because of Jenifer and Jeremy Kraus – the founders of ThriveRescue AND our OWN  Kaylie Wilson who was motivated to put it ALL together! Students came from all over the US and even the UK! Kaylie asked if Lisa Mitchison and I could teach the first week on prevention  =) I felt so HONORED and so BLESSED to be asked. I PRAYED AND PRAYED for what to share… that is when my insecurity popped up!! I really did keep asking myself “what do I have that I can share?”  AND “who am I?”

GOD worked on my heart… and HE showed me three things… ALL three things I have always done…

1 – I can say YES LORD – use me! (even IF I need to speak!)

2 – I can GO!   Not just around the world… when my kids were young I couldn’t travel like I can today… BUT I could GO looking for people that needed Jesus!! AND we did just that… I would take the kids to the park or on a walk… praying for people to meet and share Jesus with!

3 – I can LOVE – In the name of Jesus I CAN LOVE PEOPLE! And I really DO LOVE people!! They matter… each and EVERY one of them!!

“Speak up for the people who have no voice,
    for the rights of all the down-and-outers.
Speak out for justice!
    Stand up for the poor and destitute!”
Proverbs 31:8-9 the Message

These verses have struck a chord in my heart… I WILL SPEAK OUT!!  I NEED TO SPEAK OUT! I am HONORED to be able to speak out!

I truly do NOT know where this is leading…  HAHA!  But I am willing to say YES LORD – USE ME!

I got accepted into Liberty University Online while we were IN Thailand! WOOHOO!!  It is a START!!

On a side note… I am so VERY proud of Kaylie and her hearts desire to make a difference wherever GOD leads her! AND God is using her in mighty ways!!  Her story is AMAZING!
ALONG WITH Dianna Bautista – who is going to be LIVING there for the next few years OR however long GOD has her there!! I LOVE her “YES LORD” heart!!
I also just LOVE Lisa! I am so very BLESSED to get to travel the world WITH her… she IS “the string to my balloon” – as Dianna Bautista says!! IF you have a heart for doing mission work… YOU MUST talk with Lisa!! She will guide you with such a LOVING and CARING heart!!! AND she is one of the most PRACTICAL people I know… which is so NEEDED!! =)

Dear LORD Jesus…  My heart hurts for those caught up in the bondage of trafficking… for the trafficker… and the victims! It is so OVERWHELMING – this is SOOOOO BIG!    I know YOU know… and SEE…  and CARE! I want to be used by YOU to help…  however YOU want to use me!! Even in the SPEAKING part!! I LOVE YOU!!

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