Sometimes… I just NEED to sit in silence before the LORD. To seek what HE wants for me. To BE the woman HE created me to be.  Sometimes… I forget. I get rushed.  I get stressed. That is when I KNOW I NEED my quiet… alone… secluded time with HIM.  To be reminded… I am HIS. He LOVES me just as I am right NOW. Sometimes I forget… spending time WITH Him is WAY more important than I realize. When I do spend time with HIM… I have PEACE…  JOY… and way more PATIENCE! My whole attitude changes.

Lord, Thank YOU for being so forgiving when I do FORGET to just be still with YOU!  I LOVE that YOU are always there… ALWAYS! When I see pix like this one… it is a reminder from YOU to actually stop and enjoy it. YOU LOVE ME enough to show me things like this! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!

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