R E S P E C T =)


I LOVE THE CHURCH!  We are the brotherhood of BELIEVERS!  We NEED to LOVE each other… and we NEED each other!  If we can’t love each other… what does that show the world about who Jesus is?

Show proper respect to EVERYONE…  another way to say this is to HONOR everyone!  The NASB says “Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God…”  How we treat people matters… both believers and non-believers… We are serving GOD in this together! Honor someone today!! Even if they were NOT nice to you…  It will brighten their day!

Lord… sometimes honoring someone that has hurt my feelings is really hard! Help my attitude as I process through my own selfishness! I don’t always think of others ahead of myself… realizing they may have had a harder day than I did. Let me BLESS someone today… I want to SHINE for You!

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