Life is so SHORT ~ LOVE!!

We celebrated the life of a young girl that touched MANY lives for Jesus today…  hearing the stories of HOW she loved everyone… and would take the time to go HUG on the homeless… or someone that felt like an outsider… Tara Lumary just LOVED…



When I found out that Tara went home to be with Jesus… my heart HURT for Tara’s Mom, Dad and Sister. I can’t even IMAGINE the SHOCK that they had experienced! I wished that life could have stopped for them so they could grab ahold of the chaos they would experience.

In my quiet time today I was reminded to LOVE…



Hearing the stories of Tara this morning…  I thought that these verses sounded like her life! Here is how the Message says it…

“…love one another as if your lives depended on it.”

That is what I am so VERY THANKFUL for today… Tara’s beautiful heart to LOVE…

THANK YOU Chalmer, Tressa and Tierney for ALL the words you shared today… Tierney these words stood out to me as you shared them…

“The definition of success IS
how many people
~ Tara Lumary

OH Lord… I cannot even comprehend the LOSS that the Lumary’s are experiencing right now… THANK you for the short season we had WITH Tara. PLEASE comfort the whole family as the days continue to go on…
HELP me to remember to LOVE… and TOUCH people daily… for YOU! I LOVE YOU!

Here is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE VERSES from the Message!!  I am going to do this!! I honor of Tara!!!

Celebrate God all day, every day.
I mean, revel in him!
Make it as clear as you can
to all you meet
that you’re on their side,
working with them and
not against them.
Help them see that the Master
is about to arrive.
He could show up any minute!
PHIL 4:4-5


  1. Evgilbert

    I did not know Tara. Loved your blog today on love. My prayers are with Tara”s family. I know only too well how they are feeling after we lost a grandson suddenly at the age of 26 and our son at 54. Only God gets you thru these difficult times. My heart aches for them. May God bless them.

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