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We went to Kenya in July of 2013.  My heart was so touched by what we saw and experienced… OVER 1000 kids participating in the VBS program that Crossroads does for them every year! 1000!!!  It was OVERWHELMING that there are that MANY children in that small of a space! In this pic…  thru the window I saw MANY children were who OUTSIDE the school and could not participate – they WANTED IN! All of these children in the classroom are sponsored!! I am PRAYING for ALL of those OUTSIDE the walls to GET sponsored!

We got to visit with one of our girls that we sponsor… Jedida =)




Isn’t She just BEAUTIFUL!?!? She is growing up so fast…  She loves Jesus and wants to be a Doctor! Ernie and Lisa Mitchison, along with Savannah and Wyatt, sponsor her little brother… actually 2 little brothers =)  The younger one was sponsored JUST this year!! I don’t have pix of him… YET =)


Have you thought about going to Kenya? There are a few spots still open for THIS year, 2015! It is such a JOY to be a part of blessing children’s lives!!! YOU will be changed for the BETTER!! Go to SIGN-UP HERE!

Do you sponsor a child??  If not… PRAY to see if you can… then GO visit them this summer!! It is a real BLESSING to MEET who you sponsor! To sponsor a child… SIGN-UP HERE!

Matthew 5:16
Let your light shine before men
in such a way that they may
see your good works,
and glorify your
Father who is in heaven.

Lord, Thank YOU so much for allowing us, Crossroads, to participate WITH YOU in showing LOVE and GENEROSITY to our families in Kenya. The LOVE they have for YOU and the LIGHTS they are to their community is making a difference for YOU! They truly SHINE for you! Also, LORD, I ask that YOU show those who need to go and serve there a clear direction… may they have faith to KNOW You want them there this year and to KNOW that YOU will provide the way for each one to go!! I LOVE YOU!


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