I want to DRINK in GOD!!



Oh… how I want MORE of God IN my life! He is the only one that can satisfy my thirst… There are many times that I think I NEED that new “thing” – and it NEVER satisfies the way God does. I’ll admit right now… I am a pen addict ­čÖé I love discovering NEW pens… When I find one I love – I need to get one in every color they make of it! ┬áThen after a few times of writing with it… I find a new one. And life goes on… Then I’ll see my stash of “old” pens and it reminds me of my addiction… AND that ONLY God can satisfy me… And even heal me of my “wanting” after things I really don’t need! I really do have plenty of pens… They just get lost when I find a new one.

Oh LORD, please keep reminding me that ONLY You can satisfy. ONLY. YOU. I do THIRST – for YOU today… Fill me up, use me for Your Glory – ┬áTODAY! I LOVE YOU!



  1. Penny Morrison

    oh my goodness how I share this PEN ADDICTION with you!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pens, in all the colors and all the styles! But you are so right, no matter how many, no matter the colors, the love of them fades away with the acquisition of new ones. Praise God HE never tires of us and never changes–God is GOOD ALL THE TIME!!

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