The grass does wither and the flowers do fade… but God’s WORD stands forever! There are days that I feel like this picture! HOPELESS and WORTHLESS – not BEAUTIFUL!  Then I pick up His WORD and it encourages me… it FILLS me up… it gives me HOPE! We all need HOPE!  I NEED to be IN His WORD daily… that is the thing that keeps me going! Sure I can go a few days and not really notice… Then a little irritation can set me off! YIKES!  I FEEL IT! I KNOW I NEED HIS WORDS IN MY LIFE!

If you’re feeling like this today… try reading Psalm 103… it is one of my FAVORITE passages to read when I NEED to remember HE loves me!

Lord, THANK YOU that we have Your WORDS at all times right now…  let me HEAR you when you’re teaching me – what I need to know… and DO! I need YOU to help me not feel hopeless – or worthless… to feel like your little girl… BEAUTIFUL!

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