I don’t FEEL that OLD =}

I am a MOM of a 34 year old son! HAHA!  I REMEMBER being 34 myself… NOT that long ago!  It has been fun reminiscing back thru all those young years. The years that I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing as a Mom… feeling so UNQUALIFIED to be Rich’s Mom!! Yet so dependent on GOD to show me what to do!


I remember the long nights in the beginning…. we had a waterbed – remember those??? HAHA!!  I had a c-section and couldn’t really fully stand up when walking… AND I couldn’t walk AND talk at the same time those first few days home! My sweet husband would crack jokes as I was walking and I would be laughing so hard AND in so much PAIN that I ended up crying from the pain =) HAHA!

My first night home – I got into the waterbed and slept for a few hours… then I tried to get out… I could NOT get out of that bed… I didn’t have the strength! Chuck pulled my arms and twisted me… and pulled my legs…. we were laughing so HARD- it HURT!!! FINALLY thru the tears… I got OUT of that bed and didn’t go back!!  I was VERY thankful we had a guest bed that was NORMAL!!! I slept there for a LONG time!!

Watching Richie grow was a highlight of my day… I was truly blessed to be able to spend my days with him! He GREW FAST! He was in size 1 by 5 months! AND sitting up! He was walking by 10 months – which the Dr. said he would not walk till after a year old because he was so BIG =) HAHA! He was STRONG and DETERMINED!

I was TRULY BLESSED that he was the EASIEST child EVER! He slept thru the night at around 6 weeks… as he grew he always asked if he could get up… =)  One afternoon -he was around 2 and a half -I didn’t hear him for a long time – finally he yells asking if he can get up… I walk in his room and see blue highlighter marks all around the room! He had taken the highlighter and must have walked around the room 4 or 5 times with the highlighter! I just looked at him and asked if he had gotten out of bed – “no I didn’t ” – HAHAHA!!!

I knew he would go far in his education – he knew all his colors around 18 months old and he was talking very clearly! HE LOVED LEARNING!  He is still that way today!!

He LOVED going to the youth group with us too… and one of the things that he taught me at such a young age is that EVERYONE deserves to be loved! He did give everyone a hug and his FULL attention – no matter who they were! I struggled with that at times… some people just needed EXTRA GRACE… and Rich showed me how to do that!

I am so proud of the wonderful young man that he has grown to be! He still LOVES to learn – he has his Doctorate! He still cares about people AND their education – he is a professor!

Rich has changed my life… for the better! I see things differently… and I like it!

Rich, if you read this… I LOVE YOU! I am so thankful that God gave YOU to me for my firstborn… YOU made it easier for me! HAHA!! You challenge me to think deeper and not just go with the status quo =) YOU are AMAZING!  I have MANY more memories of you… but, not enough time here… photo 3


This is one of MY favorite PIX… =) Even tho you don’t look happy Rich!! HAHA!!photo 4

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