I am ON my way…



Ordering transcripts these days is so EASY!!!  WOOHOO!!  They are on their way to Liberty University this week!  I am praying that I can get IN by this FALL semester!!  OH MY GOODNESS I am so excited!! I cannot wait to START!  I am a bit nervous…. but I KNOW it is where I need to be!!

This week has been so hectic and wonderful all at once! We leave Friday… I am preparing what I want to share with The Justice School AND making sure I have all I need for Thailand… like the right kind of plug to charge my phone and camera batteries =)  Deciding which lenses to bring TO Thailand… never mind the clothes… it is the CAMERA that matters the most! HAHA!! I am hoping I can blog from there too…

I am clinging to Phil 4:13 right now…

I CAN do ALL things thru CHRIST who gives me STRENGTH!

Oh LORD!  I really am excited to see where YOU are leading me right now… be with me as I learn to study once again… let me LEARN all I need to know!!  ALSO PLEASE be with Lisa and I as we travel… and get to share in Thailand… let us both speak words of LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT to empower these students to take a stand for injustice in our world today!! I LOVE YOU!


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