Golden Valley…


This was our FIRST paid youth ministry church. Golden Valley. It was such a JOY to be serving here! We knew NOTHING about ministry – other than we LOVED Jesus and He called us there! Chuck was in school full time and worked at Golden Valley part time… at one point while we served there… I was working 3 jobs!

We-   FELL. IN.  LOVE.   -with youth ministry here!

Thinking back on our 37 years in ministry… this church was probably the hardest one… BUT we didn’t know it at the time! HAHA! We LOVED Jesus and KNEW He called us and so we served with our WHOLE hearts! We were truly BLESSED by all the friends we made there.

This was 1977-1979. We got married while we were serving here. I talked about our first apt. HERE  and a bit of HOW VERY HARD that first year of marriage was!  Ministry was AWESOME and marriage was… NOT awesome! HAHA!!

The real TEST and BLESSING for our marriage was we had ONE car… and we lived in San Bernardino, CA and Chuck was in school in Fullerton, CA. I had a job in Anaheim. We had to drive the 91 freeway for HOURS everyday! That meant we HAD to talk! Well… Chuck is a talker naturally, so I had to learn to TALK! HAHA! Initially he was not patient with me… but as time went on and we were STUCK in the car… he relaxed and I felt comfortable sharing my heart with him. I think this may be why I LOVE road trips… HOURS of uninterrupted time together!

Chuck shared this verse last Sunday in his message…

 You husbands in the same way,
live with your wives in
an understanding way,
as with someone weaker,
since she is a woman;
and show her honor as a
fellow heir of the grace of life,
so that your prayers will not be hindered.
1 Peter 3:7

I KNOW this is one of the verses that changed Chuck’s heart towards me…  and I am a BLESSED wife because of it!

LORD! You are so amazing! I LOVE MINISTRY and I THANK YOU that I get to serve YOU in this way! YOU know what we need… and I needed Golden Valley to see YOU at work in ministry AND our marriage! Please… keep me, and everyone reading this, IN Your will… may we always see YOU at work… AND LOVE where You have us! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!

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