God is taking me somewhere…



NOT sure where tho… HAHA!  I am listening… and I am waiting… and I am learning!

I have been studying a lot lately…  God is stirring my heart to do SOMETHING! Last week I was so excited to get to speak on human trafficking at Crossroads with Lisa Mitchison and Dianna Bautista! I am learning so much AND my heart is changing – and my desire to speak out is getting stronger!

Trafficked victims have been on my heart for a few years now… Last year I went to Cambodia and saw first hand a little village where very young girls are sold to anyone that will pay the price. =(  It was so heartbreaking. There is a ministry there doing a GREAT work and truly making a difference there. Then the year before that… I went to the Philippines… and once again seeing children exploited for the purpose of sex was horrifying.

God KNOWS. He CARES. I want to HELP! That has been my prayer these last couple of years!

In a few weeks I get to go to Thailand with Lisa… our Global Outreach Pastor… to help teach on prevention of trafficking. I am so excited and so BLESSED that I get to do this… =)

NOW I am asking myself… “Who am I? That You… Lord can use me. ” I do feel unqualified. I am afraid! It is a BIG job!

TWO verses that I am clinging to have been very helpful…

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13


…because greater is He who is in ME than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4b

HE is bigger than me. IE lives inside me. With HIM I can do all things – ONLY WITH HIM!

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME… I really have a heart and a passion for this!

Lord, I know you KNOW what is happening in our sinful world! Oh my heart breaks for so many victims! Use me to HELP STOP human trafficking… PLEASE! I want to do this YOUR way and in YOUR timing to make the biggest IMPACT to END IT! I know it is over seas and I want to be used there… but I know it is prevalent in Corona, Riverside and San Bernardino… USE ME HERE too!! I love YOU! Thank YOU for letting me serve you in this way!!!





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