FREE… to be… me.


BACK to our Memory trip…  We left Garden Grove Church to go to Knott Ave. Christian Church to be their Youth Pastor. By this time Rich, our oldest son, was born… he was only a few weeks old when we went to KACC. Summer camp was our FIRST week with them… that was a ROUGH week! HAHA! Being a NEW mom… Being a camp counselor… with high school students that did NOT even know us – yet! Some thought I was a high school student myself… MOST were shocked that I was the Youth Pastor’s wife! HAHA!! (I did look VERY young back in those days!!)

At the start of the week… I honestly thought we had made a HUGE mistake leaving our last ministry… where we LOVED those students and they SOOOOOO loved us!!!  As the week went on… both Chuck and I saw that these students were desiring to walk with Jesus… and by the end of that week we had fallen in LOVE with those students!

Knott Ave. changed OUR lives AND our marriage for the better!  We learned HOW to do youth ministry here! I am so very THANKFUL to GOD that He brought us to KACC in our early years of ministry… AND marriage!

ONE of my BIGGEST learning moments was when we had our Women’s Bible Study group all take the Myer’s Brigg’s personality test! OH. MY. GOODNESS. I learned that I was actually NORMAL! There are other people OUT THERE like me!! REALLY?!?!? It was so FREEING for me! I went home that night telling Chuck all the things I learned… I think it helped him realize that I didn’t do things ON PURPOSE to annoy him! HAHAHAH!! He had ALWAYS tried to have me make a “to do” list… and check things OFF as I did them… umm…  I TRIED… I really tried. I get no JOY crossing off the things on the list… =(

I am an ISFP… key words for me are FREEDOM… ARTIST… FUN… YES! I do PRAISE GOD for making me the way I am… I do LOVE being me! AND being FREE to be me. Once Chuck learned who I was – BOTH of us lightened up on the expectations of what I “needed” to do. It did take me a few years to come to LOVE the way God made me tho… especially in the “artist” area… I NEVER saw myself as an artist… so I began to dabble in different kinds artsy things…  and I found what I LOVED… photography! I am soooooooo thankful that God has given Chuck to me as MY husband… he is the one that has encouraged me to keep trying different things and to find the gifts that God has given me and to USE them for HIS glory!

I do KNOW that I am not “normal” – hahaha! What IS “normal” anyway???? OR really… WHO is “normal”??   I have LOVED learning who I am and who GOD created me to be! It wasn’t an over night discovery…  but it has been FUN figuring it out!

Lord, THANK YOU for little things like personality tests! It is a human thing to show us things we may NOT realize… BE with those that do not feel “normal” either… SHOW them YOU can use them in BIG ways if the embrace who YOU created them to be… HELP me to remember this too =) AND to step out of my Introverted self to DO what you have always intend for me to DO! I LOVE YOU!

PS- Here is a link to a free QUICK test…  LET me know what yours is! It is FUN!! And I am ALL ABOUT FUN! =)



  1. Susan Zanone

    I’m an INFP-T (Mediator) and boy did a lot of this hit the nail on the head! I’m an introvert that can go into “hermit mode” and get easily overwhelmed when there are too many things to “fix”. I struggled with friendships and am often too sensitive (and misinterpret) criticism. And I’m good with words and writing!

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