imageIt’s so fun going thru old pix… This is one from Hawaii about 5 years ago – on the “Road to Hana” 🙂  seeing this photo this morning… I was brought back IN to the memory of taking this… NOT knowing what was around that bend in the road! It was an amazing road with lots of curves… Rain… And incredible beauty!!

My walk WITH Jesus is very similar… I don’t know what’s in store tomorrow…  But-  I do KNOW that God has me right where I’m supposed to be. He knows if it’ll be a good day or a bad day… I TRUST HIM with what is around the bend… Do You? I promise HE has YOU!!

Lord, I thank you for life!  I trust You. I will walk WIAll my ups and downs… AND I thank YOU for ALWAYS being there for me… To catch me, to forgive me, to love on me… To give me greater GRACE. I NEED YOU! I LOVE YOU!


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