Easter… TODAY!!! =)

Oh my goodness!! I remember getting NEW hats and dresses as little girl ONLY at Easter!! I am the one IN the front PROUDLY wearing my new dress!! Poor Jackie didn’t look too thrilled to be in the pink behind me… I have NO idea why I am in blue… when PINK is my favorite color! Mine had a flowy feel to it too… I LOVED IT!!!!!!! I LOVED spinning in it… I felt beautiful!  This was the only time of the year I could dress the way I wanted to… frilly… sparkly… and girly!! Oh I wanted to dress like this EVERYDAY!



As a little girl… that is the ONLY thing I remember about Easter… getting to dress up!! OH and CANDY bunnies!! HAHA!!

Altho… on Good Friday… my Mom would bake chocolate chip cookies… and it was usually around 3pm – in the midst of the baking… she would stop and tell me it was at this time that Jesus died on the cross.  That has ALWAYS stuck with me…

NOW tho… I understand! I now KNOW He did this for ME… really… for ME! I have a changed heart because of HIS sacrifice… I NOW can live! AND I AM! FREELY!

I now understand that Good Friday HE died… but He didn’t stay on that cross. I grew up with crucifixes hung in our home… not realizing that HE chose to go there – but NOT stay there! That is what Easter is… HOPE! For me to live FREELY I had to understand He did die for my sins… ALL of them…  and my sins didn’t keep Him ON the cross… NO! He ROSE on Sunday! ALIVE! AND all my sins were washed away… I am CLEAN! I am so very thankful to GOD for sending us Jesus!! One of my FAVORITE verses…

“For God so loved the world,
that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him
shall not perish, but have eternal life.”
John 3:16

Here is a pic from a trip we took to Israel… it is an EMPTY tomb… HE IS RISEN! It one of my favorite places to go – to REMEMBER what HE did for me… for US…



Today… I LOVE Easter… for a different reason! For the CELEBRATION of a death… burial… and RESURRECTION so that I can be FREE to LIVE!

Oh… I NOW get to wear sparkles and frilly things EVERYDAY!! I LOVE IT!!! =) I am TRULY FREE to be ME!

Oh DEAR Lord Jesus…  I thank YOU for this time of year… as a reminder of what YOU did for me! I NEVER want to take that for granted… it is a BIG DEAL that you died for ME… and I am truly THANKFUL You didn’t have to STAY on the cross… I LOVE YOUR PLANS!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


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