Discovering what I LOVE…

Oh those Knott Ave days…   I DID learn that photography was one of my FAVORITE things to do… it was ALL FILM back then… and we lived on a Youth Pastor’s salary… which meant I could not afford to buy a lot of film OR get them developed and PRINTED! HAHA!!  BUT, my Dad loved photography and he had dark room equipment that he didn’t use… so he gave it to me =)  I had NEVER done dark room developing before… BUT many of our students were IN school learning how! =)  SO together we developed MANY black and white photos in our bathroom!! HAHA!!

This is one of my FAVORITES of Tim… Chuck shot this one FOR me =)

My beautiful picture


The one below is Chuck teaching… and Craig playing around =)  We hung them all over the room – you can see some of them on the board behind Chuck! ( YES these negatives are all scratched up from being in a box)


My beautiful picture


The one below is one that Lynne took… it’s one of my FAVES of Rich!!  She was in school to learn this and HELPED me in figuring out HOW to do this!!  We spent HOURS in the dark room!!

My beautiful picture


These were some of my favorite pix to take… of some of my FAVORITE people in the WORLD!! Tina and Tracey… BEST FRIENDS!

My beautiful picture



This one (below) Is one of my favorite pix of all time too…  it is Chuck’s Dad with Tim… We had just brought Tim home from the hospital – it was probably Thanksgiving Day!!! I bought film for special occasions =) AND a BIRTH is a special occasion!

My beautiful picture


I could POST a bazillion more…  but I will NOT bore you – HAHA!!


I truly LOVED being IN ministry at Knott Ave. I was changed for the better. AND I look back on those days as some of the BEST memories I have! God did a MIGHTY work there…

Here’s a verse that I just LOVE and it reminds of those days…
For we are His workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand
so that we would walk in them.
Eph. 2:10

Lord… It was a true JOY serving YOU back in those days! I loved seeing so many young people giving their hearts to YOU and serving YOU with all that they had too. PLEASE let others that are reading this KNOW YOU have given them gifts to serve YOU too… let them FIND what pleases YOU and do it!   I LOVE YOU!

PS- I LOVE seeing how God provides!!  NOW… I am going to get my camera and go take pix!!! Watch out… YOU may be the next one I shoot =)

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