Chocolate and GRACE…

Yesterday… it was ONE of those days… I had PLANS! You know… a perfectly planned out day with NO room for adjustments! I started out fine… getting the few things I NEEDED to do in the morning… then I felt a headache coming on… I took medicine for it and was feeling a bit better for a little while.  I noticed as the day went along I was a bit clumsy… and tripped going UP the stairs! HAHA I knew I had to be more careful =)  Then the headache was just bad enough that I had to STOP what I was doing and just rest… in the dark and the quiet – closing my eyes for a while!

I had a big event to be at with my sisters and I had to cancel…  =(

Chuck came home with a gift he had received – a BEAUTIFULLY laid out box of chocolates… Salted Carmel Chocolates to be exact! YUM! I pulled one out to eat… I dropped it… Chuck came to help me FIND it and I knocked over the WHOLE box… upside down… ALL OVER THE FLOOR! At this point I started to laugh! I said SORRY… and told him that was pretty much my whole day!

Here is a pic of the chocolates AFTER they fell… YES we are still going to eat them!! I don’t care if there’s a bit of carpet in them!      I wish I had a before pic.. it was BEAUTIFUL!





I found this pic a few days ago… I felt like this! BEGGING God to NOT LET GO OF ME!  I was CLINGING to HIM!!!




Then I opened an email last night with this in it… yep… JUST WHAT I NEEDED to end my day! AND certainly NOT my grace… I had none yesterday!! HAHA!!  I made it thru… and could laugh about it because of HIS GRACE… and HIS ALONE!



Lord, Thank you for LOVING me thru all the clumsy things I do… and for getting me thru a day that I had all planned out – and the plans fell thru… and it was OK. I need your GRACE. You give it so freely… and I am so grateful! Thank YOU! I love you!

For by grace you have
been saved through faith;
and that not of yourselves,
it is the gift of God;
not as a result of works,
so that no one may boast.
Eph 2:8

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